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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Neat Bluetooth based data logging/performance tool...

Delta Force Tuning in conjunction with yours truly, is offering a Bluetooth based product that will do 99.44% of what is needed to data log your ride, and which comes with their excellent support--you can call and speak to the owners if needed.

Here's a shot of the Scan screen:

There is a HP estimator built around acceleration time between selected speeds (not 100% accurate in absolute terms, but accurately repeatable for run-to-run comparisons):

Additionally, any DTCs (Ford EECV right now) are listed with possible cause and diag tips:

AND! there's a 0-5V auxiliary input that is fully configurable, you name it, name the units, and map the input voltages to the desired readout values. The AFR display in the Scan screen above was recorded from my Innovate LC-1's Analog 1 output:

There's no flashy "dashboard", however the live display is BIG and legible, and all data is recorded to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) log file that can be opened to table based data in Excel, Open Office's Calc, or any number of other spreadsheets, databases, and even most word processors.

In full disclosure, I have been working with them in the testing and development of this product and have insisted that above all it needs to be accurate, usable on the road, and 100% reliable.

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